Don't Believe A Word They Say

by Oldfashioned Ideas

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released June 9, 2014



all rights reserved


Oldfashioned Ideas Malmö, Sweden

Swedish oi!/punk band formed in 2009, 4 albums released so far and always working on new stuff. Visit Contra Records to buy our latest releases, !

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Track Name: Loyal To My Crew
Sound of dissolution
Spreading in the air
Lies and fucking hypocrites
And no one even care

Was made to make it easy
Something we could use
But it all ends with
Traditional abuse

We stand together
Won’t let you cross the line
Loyal to my crew

You won’t fool us
We recognize the signs
Loyal to my crew

Same old disappointment for the working class
Someone always rapes our arse
Won’t march the streets like a braindead sheep
Give the middle finger and put Europe back to sleep
Track Name: Punks & Skins
Tired of sitting and waiting
Tired of this shit
Always searching for changes
Try not to loose the grip

Beer and booze and football
My life is a cliché
Learned it once
Can’t break loose
From how life turned out to be

Don’t care about the mainstream
Or the cunts who are in charge
Straight ahead no turning back
Just following my heart

Punks & Skins
No direction no control
Punks & Skins
Won’t be your tool

Sometimes life is hard
And sometimes life is fine
But I just want my equal share
I want what is mine

If told another path
Wouldn’t know which anyway
No direction no control
Full throttle through the day
Track Name: Oi! You
Some people have it all
They are the lucky few
We're gonna make you fall
So you can try out something new

You'll have to earn your wage
With no help from your clan
Try to act your age
The working mans plan

Oi you!
What you say don't matter much to me
oi you!
What you do will never set you free
oi you!
Who are you trying to impress
oi you!
Can't you see that your life is a mess

Some people need to change
And think about their life
A useless waste of space
At the wrong side of a knife

Don't wait, it's soon too late
But you still have a chance
Take charge of your own fate
Stand up, take a stance
Track Name: Last Days Of Order
Here we are as losers
Generations since we stole your soil
Tied up hands, tied up legs
In a pot just about to boil

Web based charlatans
A dirty stinking toad
Still don't know the fucking rules
Still can't break the code

The lunatic becomes the star
In a freakshow where the decent won't take part
Lock your doors, defend your dirt and mud
When the virtual truth is freezing in your blood

Last days of order in the year of the cunts
In the year of the cunt

I used to be a winner bent down in the mud
Living from the nature I really wish I could
Connection lost and done, but now I'm finally free
No more spam forever, I'm free to be just me
Track Name: Never On My Own
We grew up together
Or met each other from afar
Different ways of struggle
But we fought the same old war

Always close
Always near
My loyal family
And the friends that I hold dear

Never on my own
Never in despair
My mohawk family
And friends with short cropped hair

Just another herbert
Bootboy, skin or punk
We'll always raise our glasses
To have a laugh or to get drunk
Track Name: Crime City
For every single day
Harder to justify
Violence, junk and misery
When hell is passing by

Always seen me as a streetkid
But not the romantic kind
Don't wanna live in fear no more
I want it off my mind

Won't glorify crime city
Don't want it to come near
Sick of hipster slogans
There's people dying here

Behind every headline
A human pays the price
Segregated by the politics
In a city full of lies
Hard working taxi driver
Two bullets in his head
His family left alone
When their father lying dead

Middle class words
From a city on it's knees
divided into misery
when the rich man disagrees
talking about something
you never will come near
while the victims of crime city
are serving you the beer
Track Name: All Falls Down
Just when you thought you could relax and let it go
There's always someone there to tell you it ain't so
You have to try so hard to get a peace of mind
You have to rise above and face the daily grind

You gotta fight your way
Don't believe a word they say
Kicking screaming all the way
and then it all falls down

So why can't everybody just leave me alone
Sometimes it's hard but I can make it on my own
I got my friends that I can turn to if I need
I got my family and they mean everything to me
Track Name: Always Forward
Changed our view and changed our life forever
More than twenty years of service for your cause
There was no other choice no other options
the only way for us to go
Fallen friends and fallen heroes
The rest of us forced down with our heads held high
No way out no fire exit
The real world is here and now

For us it was never meant to be a youthcult
For us it was never meant to go away
We never licked your arse and turned to mainstream
And we’re fucking proud to be that way

Always always forward we will never go down on our knees

We got a taste of something so much better
than the plans that someone else made up for us
The choice to not be another victim
the choice to forever stand our ground
Wish I could say sorry for the bad things
But I won’t cry for the loss
cause there is no way out no fire exit
We’re forever damaged goods
Track Name: Jetblack
I hate the way you're telling me about your perfect life
Alone behind the screen it's all made up
A useless fucking tweet about how good you feel inside
The more I see, the more I want to stop

I don't wanna hear it
I don't wanna know
Jetblack way of living
Jetblack way to go

I hate the way you're showing me about your perfect day
I hate the things you put on Instagram
A stupid fucking picture of your lunch is not o.k
You're useless and your whole life is a scam
Track Name: Bringing Down The System
Compared to some others
We are doing quite well
Politicians should be careful
Or they'll damn us all to hell

Bringing down the system
Is the line we want to sing
But the truth is that we need it
For our way of living

Bringing down the system
Stick it up your arse
Bringing down the system
For a good cause

Toblerone incidents
Or ironpipe brigade
With better politicians
We would have it made

Same old story, same old song
But we won't sing along
The more that you ignore us
The more the hate grows strong
Track Name: This Life Is A Nightmare
Yet another phonecall
Another friend has lost his life
Much too young
We just walked half the way

Always said that we
Would go out in style
Instead you pissed your pants
And faded away

This life is a nightmare
But I won't be stepping down
I will never lose my faith

Always felt hunted
Tried to fight back
But you got beaten
Turned into a slave

Violated by society
That never wanted us
For you the pressure
Became your grave
Track Name: Still Believe In Unity
You think you know something
but you heard nothing yet
a country full of loosers
unable to see the threat
Blame the different blame the poor
blame anyone but you
same old story
same old fucking show

So much crap so many lies
so much hate in your eyes
But i still believe in another way
i still believe in unity

Skip the bullshit cut the crap
and face the enemy
there is another way
for you and me
I won’t betray my country
I won’t betray my class
But all you nazi wankers
can put mein kampf up your arse

No racist politics can set this country right
I still belive in unity
Divide us in to poverty with their bullshit lies
I still believe in unity
Track Name: Holidays
All together, all the time
With fake smiles and some real
I really love these people
I really do
But with this I just can't deal

Eating too much, drinking too much
Forced to get along
I really love these people
I Really do
But for me it all feels wrong

Holidays are for the young
And for the really old
But I am in the middle
And getting fucking bored

They are back again
Lets end this year in advance
Cause it all will be in vain

A familiar place and a friendly face
But there's things you cannot say
I really love to be here
I really do
But I need to get away

Having a laugh, having a drink
For a while it all feels good
I really love to be here
I really do
And I really wish I could
Track Name: C.Q.D
I'm heading for disaster
I don't know when to stop
I always keep on going
I'm reaching for the top

I don't listen to reason
Cause I don't wanna know
Don't waste your time by trying
You have to let it go

Lets go, come quick disaster
You gotta move on faster
Or this will be the last you see of me

I'm always moving forward
No matter what you say
I don't want you to tell me
I do things my own way

I am the one to blame
My own worst enemy
I make my own decisions
I do what's best for me
Track Name: Stand Out From The Crowd
They say the future is unwritten
And it's up to us to change
A catch phrase to hide reality

They push you down and call it hope
Until the day you die
Accept or face brutality

They fooled your father to feel special
One of the chosen few
And he brought you up the same way
And passed it on to you

Generations passing by while
People living on their knees
Fly the pollen to the hives
We are fucking human bees

Another stinking monday
Out and join the line
Time for me to play my role

Elections and speeches
But don't think for yourself
Politicians will always miss the goal

One day we will come
And your order will be chaos
You will never see what happen
Just that anger rise

We know what's right and wrong
Give a fuck of what's allowed
We will never feel ashamed
To stand out from the crowd

Time for us to realize and have second thoughts
That all of us are idiots just doing what we're taught
Won't follow no leaders nor no prophets of punk
No skinhead bibles in a life full of junk
Track Name: On And On
There were times in my life when I just didn't know
When I had to decide which way I would go
Looking for someone that could show me the way
Hoping that someone knew the right things to say

On and on
I keep moving on
But I don't know where I'll go
On and on
And it might be wrong
But I'll never be like you

Sitting alone trying not to feel bad
Missing the friends that I never had
There is always a way, and for me it was punk
It was always about so much more than get drunk

It's hard when you're young but you must find your way
A way to express what you have to say
Don't let nobody tell you what you can't do
It's your life and you do what you have to get through